PET Applications

PET is increasingly replacing conventional PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)and becoming a preferred material for packaging of food products,as well as retail, electronic and other products with a longer shelf life.PET is a sound, ecological option because it is produced utilizing 100% naturally occurring elements, while still offering excellent product clarity and printing finish.

Packaging manufacturers like it because it is strong, safe, transparent, and versatile.End-customers like it because they find it safe, lightweight and 100% recyclable.

UniPET sheets are becoming widely recognized in various fields for their superior functionality as well as their beneficial effects on the environment. As a result, the use of UniPET Sheets has also expanded into a wide variety of applications in diverse areas as provided below.


With an excellent characteristic of vacuum & pressure forming, transparency, high color, impact resistance, and chemical resistance, PET Sheet is suited for making packaging material for Stationaries, Toys, Tools, Gifts, and other large variety of custom merchandise.

Food Products Packaging

PET doesn’t transfer any chemicals to the product it comes in contact with, which makes it an ideal & economical solution for packaging of food products.UniPET’s A-PET & R-PET sheets are produced by non-toxic formula which ensures 100% sanitation of packaged items. Therefore, it is highly suitable for packaging of a large variety of food products such as Chocolates, Fruits, Eggs, Cakes, Candies and sealed Water cups etc.

Folding Boxes

The UniPET’s sheet has excellent transparency, high gloss and non-whitening characteristics, suitable for the customized packaging of Toys, Gifts, Clothes, and Cosmetics etc. PET Packaging suitably enhances the optical characteristics of the packaged items and delivers ideal results for product presentation.

Printing Usage

UniPET Sheet’s outstanding transparency and static resistance characteristics also support direct UV offset printing and screen printing making it an ideal choice for printing of items such as Sports Cards, Collection Cards and various other custom-printed consumer Product Boxes.

Anti-Static Packaging

UniPET sheet equipped with an outstanding static resistance characteristic can be easily vacuum formed and thus it is also a highly suitable & recommended option for general packaging of electronic items like cell phones, tablets, notebooks and various other electronics accessories and spare parts etc.

Medical Grades

With the same excellent characteristics of vacuum formation, transparency, high-gloss, impact resistance and chemical resistance PET also highly suitable for packaging of Medicines, Ampoules and Vials etc.

Hi-Frequency Sealing

Excellent transparency, appearance, outstanding vacuuming & high-frequency sealing features make UniPET Sheets a more suitable option for sealed packages of a variety of end-consumer products.